OSIRIS-Open Social Innovation policies driven by cocreative Regional Innovation ecosystemS

Project Details

01/04/2016 - 30/09/2020

Project Description

OSIRIS's overall objective is to improve the design, delivery and implementation of Open and Social innovation (OSI) policies guided by coc-reative regional ecosystems for innovation, increasing growth and employment in regions, fostering business investments in R&I and boosting societal quality of life. This is done in an interregional learning process developing policy makers' innovation management capacities enabling them to implement significant improvements into their regional innovation policies, connecting to Smart Specialization Strategies (S3), balancing the urban and rural contexts. The project backbones are OSI approaches and tools exploiting the power in citizen' s perspectives, experiences, needs and expectations for a better life. Seven action plans are expected to substantially improve regional policies, through OI and SI, promoting development of pentahelix innovation systems (Research-Business-Governance-Citizens-Environment), in line with the "partnership principle" introduced by the EU Cohesion Policy. OSIRIS specific objectives include: Exporting Good Practices (GPs) capable to address citizens' needs, considering partners innovation experience and Policy Instrument issues; Strengthening co-creation in the public administration exploiting open tools, assets, data, information and resources available for reuse (in the logic of government as a platform) through interregional cooperation of actors in different sectors; Training public authorities to gain leadership in participatory governance stimulating investments through incentives (e.g. procurement for innovation, vouchers and tax credits), empowering regional innovation ecosystems conducive to firms and jobs growth.