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GAIA (Green Awareness In Action) is a three year long, EU-funded H2020 project made up of nine partners. This project aims to promote positive behavioural changes within communities regarding energy consumption/awareness.GAIA will create an innovative ICT ecosystem (including web-based, mobile, social and sensing elements) tailored specifically for school environments, taking into account both the users (faculty, staff, students and eventually parents through their children) and buildings (schools, universities, homes) that will motivate and support citizens’ behavioral change to achieve greater energy efficiency. GAIA’s consortium includes a mix of private and public school entities, universities and administrative buildings in the educational domain to conduct a well-designed set of trials. It also covers a wide range of important fields, aiding a structured research approach. GAIA includes partners from 5 European countries, aiming for the implementation and testing of a pan-European approach, a mix that will guarantee a better match of the constructed solutions to the actual differences in lifestyle and behaviours related to the different cultures, as well as different requirements dictated by the variance in the physical environment.

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