Open School Doors: Developing diverse school / parents communities through innovative partnerships

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The Open School Doors «Developing diverse school / parents communities through innovative partnerships» is a two-year project funded under the Erasmus + KA2 Program. The aim of the project is to enable parents with a migrant background to participate more actively in their children's education. Through parental involvement, parents from all social backgrounds and groups can participate adequately in the decision-making and development processes of the school. The project aims to provide teachers with comprehensive guidance on how to promote and encourage effective co-operation between teachers and parents with migrant backgrounds.

Main Objectives

The main objectives of the Open School Doors project are:

Target Groups

The target group of the Open School Doors project:


In the framework of the project workshops will be organized with teachers and school leaders and 2 training seminars will be implemented by teachers in 5 European countries aiming at training of 350 teachers in total.


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