egov_INNO – E-government services and tools from regional governments and regional development bodies to support and coordinate the regional research and innovation capital

Project details

Priority Axis 1: Innovation and Competitiveness

Specific Objective 1.1: Strengthening interaction between research, innovation and entrepreneurship

Start Date:
Finalization Date:


The project main objective is to deliver e-government services for the private sector by contributing to the improvement of the utilization of customized e-government services for business (e.g. for innovative start-ups) proposing effective and feasible applications leading to better governance and faster delivery of services to the local private sector.

Thanks to this project, the regional business support institutions will support the entreprises for the business and for the utilization of public investment funds, by giving them the chance to plan their activities with targeted investments.

For this reasons all partners will implement 3 need analysis reports for the development of advanced Government to business e-services plans (G2B) in Puglia and in Western Greece. In addition they will plan 5 seminars for training SMEs on e-tools developed and 5 initiatives in collaboration with the academic and research community, in order to maximize the results of this investment.


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