V-STAF (Virtual reality Simulator for Training Against Fires)

Regional Operational Program Western Greece 2014-2020
24 months


V-STAF Project (Virtual reality Simulator for Training Against Fires) aims to build a high immersion system in a CAVE (Cave Automated Virtual Environment) in which both firefighters and the public will be trained in dealing with a wide range of scenarios for the occurrence of both forest and urban fires. This includes the development of flame simulation algorithms and their propagation in digital environments, the construction of "active" in the 3D space fire extinguishing equipment (fire extinguishers and pipes of various types), the implementation of high fidelity multichannel audio, the integration of graphics systems in a unified platform (graphics engine) and the creation of a system for scoring the effectiveness of the trainee. In addition, dissemination actions are included, as well as studies for its commercial use.

Εταίροι του Έργου:


The project's goal is to develop a commercially feasible training system for fighting various types of large-scale fires with complete hardware and software integration. Such a system will be able to use a variety of extinguishing substances without causing material damage or environmental pollution. The existence of an innovative education system that differs significantly in safety, convenience, speed, and cost from the traditional "real" fire systems and in realism from digital media, using video, has significant financial potential, since more and more providers will want to procure it, in order to gain an advantage in providing a high level of fire safety training.