Co-MAP-Collaborative, Community mapping of young people's learning experiences during COVID-19

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ERASMUS+ KA2 Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
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Co-MAP aims to respond to the need to understand the impacts of Covid-19 on blended and virtual learning in relation to the most vulnerable young people (aged 10-18), including refugees, and to ensure that school leaders, teachers and parents are equipped to respond to their recovery needs.

The project will build a comparative case study of national and local policies for schooling during the pandemic.

Using participatory, arts-based methods, the project will engage young people, teachers and parents from 5 schools in the partner countries to undertake collaborative, community mappings of lived experiences of learning through the pandemic.

The mapping process will identify barriers, enablers and the roles and functions of people, resources, materials, spaces and places as well as opportunities for learning.

Young people will take part in a series of artist led ‘Maker Space’ encounters that will teach new creative skills to tell their stories about learning during the pandemic using comic and animation forms

An e-learning platform and a toolkit will also be developed


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