Education for Societal Changes based on Active Pedagogies and Empowerment- E-SCAPE

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ERASMUS+ KA2 Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
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E-SCAPE will launch an innovative game-based platform, teaching methodology and resources to support the acquisition of transferable skills.

As a result of the E-SCAPE project:

The E-SCAPE complementary products link the academic objectives of HEI with the pragmatic needs of the labour market and the individual needs of the learners. The platform will embrace the potential of innovative technologies to create a highly interactive, participative and exciting learning experience. The openly shared tools, available in 6 languages will improve the accessibility and encourage the application of digital technologies in HEI for teaching, learning, assessment and engagement. In the same time, it will increase the capacity of HEIs teachers to apply innovative methodologies and digital tools in the education.


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