CO-MAP multiplier event in Patras-Greece

The first multiplier event of the CO-MAP project was implemented in Patras and specifically at the CTI facilities on 25/2/2022. The event was attended by 15 people, including teachers, school principals, parents, university professors, and university students.

The even started with the overall presentation of CO-MAP project.

Next, the main finding from IO1 were presented and in particular the findings from Greece (from Patras) and the other countries of the project. The participants showed particular interest in other countries' findings, focusing on the similarities and differences with Greece.

Then, the upcoming mapping activities (IO2 & IO3) were presented. There was a great deal of enthusiasm from the public, and a brief discussion was requested. Mainly, questions were asked regarding the implementation of the activities. Teachers and principals of schools focused on the involvement of the students in the processes, and there was a discussion about the benefits which the students could get from participating in the activities.