Unite-IT brochure

Unite-IT is an informal network of digital inclusion professionals (teachers and trainers, experts, practitioners, business, policy makers, academics) aiming at uniting Europe through digital empowerment. Unite-IT creates a collaborative space for its members to engage in an open dialogue, share experience and resources, build contacts among each other and create partnerships. The Unite-IT network is initiated and powered by Telecentre-Europe together with its seven national members with the support of the European Commissionӳ Lifelong Learning Programme. The Unite-IT network has opened this year`s call for collection of resources, good practices and/or national or regional policies in the field of digital inclusion. The invitation is open for individuals and organisations that are Unite-IT community members. Submission is done through the Unite-IT portal and entries are accepted until 21 August 2015. Everyone who submits at least one digital inclusion resource, good practice or policy, which gets approved by the Unite-IT team, will be entitled for FREE accommodation at Telecentre-Europe Annual Conference held in Belgrade on 24-25 September 2015 ( You can find more information about the call at the Unite-IT Portal (

Here you can download the Unite-IT brochure