Press Release


Patras, 8th October 2018

The Computer Technology Institute & Press (CTI) "DIOPHANTUS" successfully organized an Info Day on Thursday, October 4, 2018 at its premises, with invited stakeholders of the Region of Western Greece. The Balkan Med project "INNOPLATFORM" was presented and a series of tools developed within it.

The project deals with Business Model Innovation that strengthens change, the way an enterprise captures, creates and delivers value, with the ultimate goal of enhancing its competitiveness and innovation.

The meeting was welcomed by the Deputy Chairman of CTI Prof. Giannis Garofalakis, while the recommendations on the InnoTools and services (InnoScorecard and InnoRegion) were made by Mr. Sotiris Michalopoulos on behalf of CTI "Diophantus" and Mr. Ioannis Panaretou CEO - Optionsnet as an external consultant of the project.

All InnoTools and InnoScorecard services that are already being developed will make it easier for companies to have better opportunities, improved capabilities and increased knowledge to introduce innovations to their products and processes. An important facility will also be support for networking between businesses in specific potentially innovative sectors to be defined per Region.

As a result of the project, "Centers of Excellence" will be set up to operate in all 5 participating countries, contributing to improving access to knowledge and innovation expertise for small businesses.

The meeting was attended by Mr. P. Vafedis (Chamber of Achaia), Prof. S. Syrmakesis and Prof. S. Georgopoulou (TEI of Western Greece), Mrs. K. Zisimopoulou, I. Hamakioti, L. Katsimada (Region of Western Greece), Dr. Stephanos Mihos (Decentralized Administration of Peloponnesus, Western Greece and Ionian), A. Konstantinopoulos (Municipality of Western Achaia), Chrysa Gerraga (Municipality of Patras), N. Koskinas (POS4WORK), N. Krikis (Noesis), I. Costopoulos (OPTIONSNET), as well as executives of CTI.